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   Students’ Employment Center “Perspective” 

Date: 27.10.09 11:20  

Students’ Employment Center “Perspective”

Foundation year – 1999



Olga Korchevna

Tel.: 38 044 4560566
e-mail: perspect@kneu.kiev.ua

The Center “Perspective” is a structural unit of the university which was created with the aim of cooperating with employers and rendering assistance to students and graduates of the University in finding employment.

The main directions of the Center’s activity are as follows:
• To facilitate students in finding a job:
- to inform students about the Center’s directions of activity and demand for specialists of state and business organizations in Kyiv;
- to help students contact their potential employers;
- to help employers find the right specialists from the students and graduates of KNEU;
- to give students information about the possibilities of work during summer and winter holidays and also about part-time jobs during studies;
- to organize “Job Fairs” and presentations of enterprises, business organizations and state bodies.

• To conduct training on individual search of work:
- making an effective presentation at the labour market;
- making a good CV;
- being successful at the interview with a potential employer;

• To advise students on their career planning:
- determination of ways and possibilities of employment;
- rendering assistance in choosing the direction of career development.

It has become a tradition to organize Career Days and presentations of companies since the Center was established, 5 Career Days and 180 presentations have been organized and successfully conducted since 1999. More than 200 companies have taken part in these events.

Our students and graduates work in such companies as: Procter&Gamble, Deloitte&Touché, KPMG, Ernst&Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, British American Tabacco, UMC, Coca-Cola beverage Ukraine, Philips Ukraine, Kraft Jacobs Suchard Ukraine, Arthur Anderson, Barents Group, Creditanstalt Ukraine, National Bank of Ukraine, Ukrainian Automobile Cooperation, Fund Eurasia, Western NIS Enterprise fund, STB, Studio “1+1”, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, Fund “Revival”, Merx Ukraine, Computer Land, Gillette Ukraine, Perekhid Media, Reemstma Ukraine, Prospects Ukraine, Leo Burnett, magazine “Eastern Economist”, advertising agency “Scholz&Friends Kyiv”, Japan American Tobacco, Raythod Technical Services company, Ukrsozbank, ING Bank Ukraine, Information Computer Systems, Corporative Training Systems, Spektor, Sachs&Company, Robertson&Blums Corporation, Sigma Bleyzer and so on. They take the posts of financial analysts, supervisors, marketers, managers, personal assistants, journalists, reporters, advertising agents, auditors, accountants, translators, copywriters and many others.

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