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   Center of Culture and Arts 

Date: 27.10.09 11:45  

Center of Culture and Arts



Dana Babich

Laureate of the International
Competition of Ukrainian Songs,
Master of Arts
Tel.: 38 044 3716269

The Center of Culture and Arts is a center of cultural and educational work, a center of informal communication with a very favourable climate where students can make friends and speak art.

The Center of Culture and Arts encompasses different art-studios, clubs and different art groups.

The Center of Culture and Arts also includes a choreographic studio where the students practice ballroom dances, classic and modern choreography, master the aesthetics of movements.

In the instrumental and orchestra studio students play different musical instruments. This studio includes several groups: a consort, a rock-group, a combo, a percussion assembly and some soloists.

The vocal studio gives the students an opportunity to master their singing, it encompasses a group of solo singing, a vocal assemble, and a club of author’s songs.

 The Center opened a studio of art and design where talented students master the academic painting and drawing, graphic design, art and crafts.

In the students’ art theatre which includes all kinds of stage acting students are engaged in staging of miniatures, pantomimes, enchanting performances and musicals. They also conduct different competitions and festivals.

The folklore studio was established with the aim of preserving national heritage of Ukraine.

The participants of the Center of Culture and Arts always take part in the art events of KNEU, they also take part in festivals, gala-concerts, show programs and in the art events between universities, some of them are the winners of such competitions as “Orpheus”, “Karaoke in the Public Square”, and television project “Chance”.

Many young, talented, energetic specialists, artists, actors, ballet-masters, and choreographers work in the Center of Culture.

The students of KNEU can be enrolled in the studios during the year. Each studio has its own schedule of art classes.

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