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Date: 27.10.09 15:17  



The International Center of Business Education of Kiev national economic university is a company with the complete cycle of treatment of information, preparation and introduction of intellectual products.

The Center was formed in 2004 on the scientifically-methodical base of Kiev national economic university wich is one of the best economic universities of the former Soviet spase.

The main activity directions of The Center are informative activity, consulting services for the companies of the different spheres of activity and business education.

The Center successfully realizes at all directions of activity

Informative activity:

– organization of the PR-arrangement;
– edition of the book products on educational and professional orientation;
– the specialized economic almanac on the current problems of development in Ukraine is prepared for edition;
– the encouragement of cooperation between Ukrainian and foreign companies;
– the conduction of special scientific seminars (conferences), “round-tables”;
– the organization of advertising to promote projects etc;


– conducting of the marketing researches;
– development of adminisnrative decisions on the different stages of development of business;

Business Еducation:

– conducting of trainings and seminars for the specialists of the companies;
– MBA-preparation is implemented.


Our partners:
Kiev national economic university,
The State Commission for Regulation of Financial Services Markets of Ukraine,
The League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine,
The state Committee on Land Resources of Ukraine,
Ukrainian-Australian House, Turkish trade house «ULUDAG»,
Brockbusiness bank JSB,
The Investment and Consulting Group "Astarta-Tanit",
Bank Aval JSB etc.

Our clients:
Deloitte and Touche Ukrainian Services Company,
Ernst and Young Ltd.,
INGO Ukraine Insurance Company JSC,
Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine Ltd.,
Pricewaterhouse Coopers Ltd.,
Procter&Gamble Ukraine Ltd.,
Tetra Pak Public enterprise,
Ukrainian Mobile Communications JSC,
Ukrainian Insurance House JSC,
Alkona Insurance Company JSC,
Kredo Classic Insurance Company JSC,
Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol JSC,
The Kramatorsk Heavy Machine Building Plant JSC,
Garant-Auto Insurance Company JSC,
Energoatom Public enterprise etc.

We invite private companies and public organizations for collaboration in such projects:

– Organization of the elite International MBA-programs on the scientifically-metodical base of The Center;
– Making links, getting into contacts with the Ukrainian partners and clients, infotainment for the foreign companies in Ukraine;
– Establishing partnership with the foreign authors and publishers for the common publish of the economic literature in Ukraine, organization of applied researches.

We are open for Your proposals and other possible ways of partnership.

The contact information

Director Shafaluk Alexander
  Phone/fax: 8(044) 537-61-71(77)
  e-mail: shafaluk@icbe.com.ua

Office-manager Kabanova Irina
  Phone/fax: 8(044) 537-61-71(77)8(044) 238-63-19(67)
  e-mail: reception@icbe.com.ua
ICBE http://icbe.com.ua

The adress 04053, Ukraine, Kiev, Lvovska sq., 14

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