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   Public Relations Center 

Date: 27.10.09 12:49  

Public Relations Center



Julia Usichenko

Tel. 38 044 4566900, 38044 4567146
e-mail: pr@kneu.kiev.ua

Public Relations Center of Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University is a unit of our alma mater. In 2005 Press-Center became the Center of Public Relations. Now it consists of three sectors: sector of marketing communications, editorial and information sector and of the sector of electronic network.

The main tasks of the Center are to launch “public relations” campaigns with the aim of forming positive public opinion about the activity of the University, to promote it as a leading economic university of Ukraine.

With this aim the Center of Public Relations prepares and publishes bulletins, brochures, photo-albums, reports of faculties and departments, and booklets describing the events taking place in KNEU. The staff of the center takes an active role in the preparation of advertising campaigns (Day of Open Doors, Career Day). It also organizes press-conferences, exhibitions and meetings. While promoting KNEU the Center uses different marketing tools including development of souvenirs symbolizing the university.

One of the most important tasks of the Center is to prepare and publish the university newspaper “Economist”, the first edition of which appeared more than 35 years ago. This newspaper has always reflected the devoted work of the teaching staff for the sake of the university. There have been many innovations in the life of “Economist”, including changes in name, format, size, columns. The newspaper underwent all these transformations together with the society, and publishing articles pungent for that historical time. But the main priority of the edition has been to highlight scientific, educational and public life of KNEU.

Public Relations Center closely cooperates with the Center of Distant Technologies in the area of the university’s web-site division providing it with the materials of high quality.

Public Relations Center is a unit of the university that accumulates information both for internal and external use making it available by means of Internet, and in published editions in electronic or video form. This information prepared keeping the corporate style of KNEU is given to the public in synthetic and structured way in accordance with the demand and needs of the University.

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