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   Library of KNEU 

Date: 27.10.09 11:42  

Library of KNEU

Foundation year – 1906

Director of the Library
Tetyana Kurilenko

Tel.: 38 044 503-84-37
e-mail: library@kneu.kiev.ua

The history of the library is closely connected with the history of Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University.

The first fundamental library was opened when the private Business school offering commercial courses started its work. A special library of textbooks with a small reading hall. was opened with the aim of providing students with teaching materials.

In 1909 the library had at its disposal 8000 book and  about 100 journals. On August 1, 1912 the fund of the library amounted to 11606 different text-books, 23668 editions in Russian, English, German and  French for the sum of 27140 karbovanets.

Besides the fundamental library there were 14 specialized libraries belonging to departments and laboratories.

Nowadays the library of KNEU is
- one of the largest and oldest university libraries of Kyiv;
- a structural unit of the university which has a unique universal collection of documents including scientific, economic, popular scientific, production, educational, reference, informational and bibliographic literature in Ukrainian and foreign languages (text-books and electronic files) which accounts to 1237414 books.

The catalogue of the library collection (traditional and electronic) enabling the readers to quickly find the necessary book is at users’ services.

The electronic catalogue of the library is updated on a daily basis and is available in the university network with the access from computer rooms, departments and library departments.

The Library accounts for 30000 users of its 6 subscription departments and 12 reading halls.

Besides giving the reader necessary books and journals, the library offers its users:
- qualified advice on search of information in the library collection and on use of data bases in Internet;
- oral and written factual and bibliographic information in the regime “enquiry – answer”;
- signal information on the problems of higher school;
- advice on scientific events (exhibitions, conferences);
- exhibitions of new literature of the library, subject exhibitions;
- lectures on culture of reading, on knowledge extension, on development of skill of selection  and perception of printed materials;
- advice on legal questions concerning provision of access to the information.

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